More Or Less

We kick off the month looking at how God’s people cooperated to build the tabernacle. We read throughout Exodus 28, 31, 35, and 39 how God chose people to work together because of how He gifted them. They combined their skills to create a beautiful place to worship God. Bottom Line: God wants us to work together. Sometimes we think it’d be better if we didn’t have to rely on anyone else to get a job done, but this isn’t how God created us. God created us for community, to work together, and do more than we can do on our own. We hope that kids see the value in cooperation because cooperation starts with God.

Next, we look at Exodus 17:8-13, at a time where Joshua was leading the Israelites in a fierce battle against the Amalekites. When Moses held up his staff, the Israelites were able to win the battle. When Moses got tired, Aaron and Hur came to the rescue and helped hold up his arms. The Israelites win the battle because of how they all cooperated together. Bottom Line: Work together to help someone succeed. Just like Hur and Aaron, it’s important for a child to realize that working together isn’t just about doing something for yourself. You can work with other people to help them win at life too.

In week three we head to a story found in Luke 5:17- 26. We discover a paralyzed man who just happened to have some really good friends. When His friends heard that Jesus was in town, they tried everything to get their friend to Jesus. In fact, as friends, they cooperated, tore a hole in a roof, and dropped their friend down in front of Jesus while He was teaching. And as a result of their faith and cooperation a miracle happened. Bottom Line: Work together to help someone in need. When we see others with needs that seem huge and overwhelming, we too often think they’re too big for us to help and end up doing nothing. However, if we cooperate with others to meet their need, we have a better chance making a difference in their life and point them to God.

We wrap up our study on cooperation with 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 in a letter Paul wrote to the church at Corinth. The people who make up the Church are part of the Body of Christ. Paul talks about how God has given each of us a unique part to play as we share God’s love with others. When we cooperate, we can help others know more about Jesus. Bottom Line: Work together to point people to Jesus. Our kids can learn how to be the church even at a young age. Just think about the impact they could have on the world when they realize that how they work together could impact a person’s relationship with Jesus.

Life App -Cooperation - Working together to do more than you can do alone.
Memory Verse -“Two people are better than one. They can help each other in everything they do.'” Ecclesiastes 4:9, NIRV

11/4 - God wants us to work together. (Building the Tabernacle - Exodus 25:8-9; 28:1,3; 31:1-11; 35:21,25,34; 39:42-43)
11/11 - Work together to help someone succeed. (Joshua Wins the Battle Over the Amalekites - Exodus 17:8-13)
11/18 - Work together to help someone in need. (Jesus Heals the Paralytic / Four Friends - Luke 5:17-26)
11/25 - Work together to point others to Jesus. (One Body but Many Parts - 1 Corinthians 12:12-27)


These are excellent resources to help your children have some time with God each week and begin forming the habit of regular Bible study. There are four different devotions on each GodTime sheet. Each devotion is designed to be done on a different day.

Each day’s devotion includes:
1. a verse(s) to read
2. a devotion paragraph that teaches something about God and an explanation of today’s verse(s)
3. an activity that makes real-life application of the day’s devotion
4. a suggested prayer.

Even though kids in early elementary (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) are beginning to read things on their own, most are not mature enough to have a God time by themselves. We encourage you to do this with your children.

4th-5th GRADERS
Encourage kids to choose four different days during the week to do these devotions. Most 4th and 5th graders are capable of having a “quiet time” on their own, once they’ve been taught how to do it, but they still need an adult to prompt them and/or follow up on it.

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